AAG Insulated Mats

AAG M22 insulating mats for piglets retain heat and ensure a more even heat distribution for the piglets.
The mats can replace underfloor heating or ensure that you can significantly reduce the heat - depending on the construction of your barn.
The insulating mats allow you to reduce power consumption and are thus also a saving for the environment.
The mats have undergone a long-term test by the pig breeders and have an expected lifespan of 10 years.

Product Details

AAG M22 insulating mats are for use in piglet dens.
The mat must not be cleaned with a turbojet nozzle or exposed to direct sunlight.

The mats are produced in very durable foamed material.


2000x1000x22 mm.
1600x900x22 mm.
2050x1300x22 mm.

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